About – Dr. Kuni Beasley


Dr. Beasley is a retired Army officer, former College Professor for 16 years, and school Administrator/Dean for over twenty years. He worked in corporate positions at the Federal Reserve Bank and Caltex Petroleum Corporation before pursuing his dream to coach high school football. His team won the AAA State Championship in 1994.


Dr. Beasley started this program in a rented Sunday school room in Duncanville, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) in 1996 with seven students – one became an MD and two earned their Ph.D.s. Over the years, the program grew to encompass fifteen College Prep Academies from Springfield, MA, to Hot Springs, AR, to Palm Springs, CA. Due to the tremendous success he had with his own students, he was asked to provide a College Preparation program to the general public in 2011.

He learned early how to seek college opportunities. He started college at 16 with 11 full scholarship offers. He completed 22 years of college and paid for only one semester, using scholarships, grants, waivers, entitlements, exemptions, and dozens of little known ways to reduce his college costs.

He has helped thousands of students become better prepared for college, better packaged for admissions, and better positioned to receive the top scholarships and the most funding.

Dr. B (as he is affectionately called) wrote the curriculum that we are teaching and is an invaluable asset to our team.