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The FOUNDATIONS course provides the main building blocks that students will need to BEAT THE TESTS.  Because 85% of the test prep is common to both tests, students will learn the techniques and tactics that are common to both the ACT and SAT Tests.

This class is a prerequisite to the ACT and SAT specific courses which specifically apply what the student learns here and applies it to the specific test.


Please be aware – we have an online course that you can take instead of attending the live class – if you are interested you can see the available online courses here.


It is not our intent to nickle-and-dime you here at MYROADTOCOLLEGE. So we want to let you know up front that we have an optional add-on that will be offered after the course is completed.  It is the a review edition of the same course they just took. It will allow them to watch any teaching or topic as they need for review or clarification. This add-on will be offered at $20 (yearly)

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