Introductory Remarks

Hello!  And welcome to the Foundations Course!

We are excited that you are here to learn how to Beat the Test!  If you have questions as you go along or if something is not working for you, please leave a comment below so that we can help.

Here are some things that you will learn about in this module:

  • History of our Program
  • Methods that are unique to our Program
  • The PURPOSE of this course
  • Outline for the rest of the course
  • Secrets to success in this course!


We will talk more about this later, but there are 3 keys that are important to mastery of this material: application, engagement, and intensity.

Application:  Are you ready to apply yourself to learn this material so that you can improve your test scores?

Engagement:  Are you ready to focus in on learning this information?  Passively watching the videos or letting your mind wander will not be effective.  When you get tired, take a break.  Most of the topics are broken down into small chunks of less than 10 minutes.  So when you are working on this, you need to really engage and take notes.

Intensity:  Like an athlete, you need to push yourself to get better.  Get through the modules, then practice, practice, practice!  You will get better.

Ready to get started?

CLICK on the Lesson below. When you are finished, click on the quiz to see how quizzes and tests will work in this course.