BEAT THE TEST: It is NOT About Academics


BEAT THE TEST is our slogan and it is exactly what we teach your student to do.  The ACT® and SAT® tests are not academic in nature!  Therefore they do not measure what students know about Math, Reading, Writing, or Science.

What do the ACT/SAT Tests Really Do?

  • They provide a first impression of the student to the colleges.
  • They level grades from different schools.
  • Colleges award scholarships based on the student's score.

It is beneficial to score high even if your student's grades are not great.

What do they REALLY Test?

They test the student's ability to Analyze and Solve Problems under pressure. Smart students can bomb the test because they don’t take this into consideration and treat the test accordingly.  The ability to think critically, analyze problems and use reasoning methods to “figure it out” quickly are more important than subject matter

Our Solution

Our goal is to provide Test Prep courses and access to the best College Advice available.  Our test prep doesn’t reteach high school.  Instead, we focus on teaching students how to BEAT THE TEST!  These classes are designed to prepare your student for the different types of problems that are thrown at them so that they know how to handle them - and in some cases arrive at the answer logically without having to do complex calculations or using the calculator with some long formula.

Students who have used this program have increased their test scores by up to 300 points on the SAT and 10 points on the ACT within ONE test to the next.  They have earned over $90 million in scholarships and grants since 2011.  We teach students how to avoid the traps set by the test makers and how to use inductive and deductive reasoning to figure out how to get the correct answers. We use questions from the real tests to put our techniques into practice.

We call it BEAT THE TEST for a reason - and this may be shocking...  The SAT® and ACT® tests measure how well students take the test.  So if they can BEAT THE TEST - then they are well on their way to college success.

Here are the 3 main classes that we offer at this time.


The Foundations Course is the first step to laying out techniques and tactics that are common to the ACT and SAT Tests. This 4-hour course is full of practical tips to help your student BEAT the TESTS. It is designed to be followed on by an intensive test specific (ACT or SAT) course which is described below. 
Students MUST take the Foundations course before they can take the BEAT THE TEST courses below.


The Foundations Plus Plus Course the original Foundations course spread out over two days - with 4 added hours of GUIDED PRACTICE.


This course is specifically tailored for the ACT - with its distinctive elements of the Science portion and the types of questions that students will uniquely see on the ACT.  Learn more by clicking here...


This course is tailored specifically for the SAT. We will teach extra techniques and tactics specific to the SAT and walk your student through real SAT questions to train him or her how to BEAT the SAT!