• Description

    The BEAT the SAT Course is a the 2nd step to preparing for the SAT Test. This four hour course is designed to train students in tactics, techniques, and strategies to improve their scores and BEAT the SAT.  The course provides training and detailed examples, as well as interactive exercises.

  • What about the PSAT/NMSQT

    NOTE: The PSAT and SAT training are IDENTICAL!  Indeed, on the College Board website, the practice questions for both tests are the exact same questions!  The only difference is that the PSAT is a scaled down version of the SAT, and the math is a notch lower.  Otherwise, it is the same test – testing the same material.  To best prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT, train for the SAT.

  • Live Class Format

    This is a four hour course.  The FOUNDATIONS course is a prerequisite before you can take this class.

  • eCourse Format

    The eCourse is not yet available - but we are working on it.  When its available it will be sold individually, or as an addon to the live course for review.  It will include access for one year.  (let us know you are interested in the SAT Online Course and we'll consider prioritizing that video over others)


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    Intro and Quick Review

    Students will have learned the 7 Common Principles in the Foundations Course, but we think they are so important that we want to review them quickly. 

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    SAT Specific Techniques and Tactics

    In this section, we will cover additional techniques and tactics related to the SAT.

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    Reading Section - SAT

    We demonstrate our unique Tactics and Techniques, such as how to answer questions without reading the passage.

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    Writing and Language - SAT

    In this section of the course, we will train students to apply the Tactics and Techniques that they learned in the Foundations Course to the specific, real SAT READING questions.

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    Math Section - SAT

    We demonstrate how to apply our Tactics and Techniques to answer most of the math questions doing little or no math.  This is broken up into the NO-CALCULATOR and WITH-CALCULATOR divisions that are on the SAT.

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    Essay Section - SAT

    Our system uses an 8 Point Template based on the College Board’s “perfect” essay that can be applied to any prompt on the test.

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    Closing Comments

    Final remarks including strategies that have been proven to increase scores.  We also introduce some “Testing Hacks,” and previews of what students should do the week of the test and the night before the test.

What to Bring to the Live Course

3-Ring Binder with Notebook paper for notes


Laptop (optional) if you like to take notes on the computer.

Printed copy of SAT Practice Test #1 (see below)

Smart Phone (for screen shots)


Required Materials


Here is SAT® Practice test #1

You must print out all five files for the practice test:

  • Test
  • Answer Sheet
  • Answers
  • How to Score
  • Essay Files

If you do NOT bring these files to class - you will not get as much out of the class.  Without this practice test, you will not be able to take home any of the practical exercises. IT WILL BE A WHOLE LOT EASIER FOR YOU TO JUST BRING THE REQUIRED PRINTOUTS.

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