• Description

    The FOUNDATIONS course provides the main building blocks that students will need to BEAT THE TESTS.  Because 85% of the test prep is common to both tests, students will learn the techniques and tactics that are common to both the ACT and SAT Tests.  This class is a prerequisite to the ACT and SAT specific courses.

  • Live Class Format

    This is a four hour course with a small break in the middle.

  • eCourse Format

    The Online Course is now available.  It has the same great instruction as the Live Foundations course but in video format with quizzes and a video practicum.

  • Supplements

    Included in all Foundations courses are a Math Supplement and Grammar Supplement


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    7 Common Principles

    These 7 Common Principles are the main strategies used to teach students how to BEAT the TESTS!  From how to use the process of elimination to how to think inductively and deductively, we teach your students to strategically think about the tests differently.  Once they know these principles, they will no longer think of these tests as English, Math, Reading and Science test, but a test that they can learn how to beat.

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    Common Math

    This section covers the common Tactics and Techniques for both SAT and ACT using the “CAKE” Technique and about 15 different rules to apply to the math section.  Next, we teach how students should pace themselves on the Math section.

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    Common Reading

    We explain our exclusive Three-Level process to select which questions to answer first and then teach the step-by-step CAKE technique to answer questions quickly AND correctly.  We also address the pacing points for the Reading section.

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    Common Writing and English

    This section covers the Tactics, Techniques, and pacing points common to both the ACT English and the SAT Writing & Language. 

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    Closing Comments

    Final remarks including strategies that have been proven to increase scores.  We also introduce some “Testing Hacks,” and previews of what students should do the week of the test and the night before the test.

What to Bring to the Live Course

3-Ring Binder with Notebook paper for notes


Laptop (optional) if you like to take notes on the computer.

Printed copy of ACT Practice Test (sent after registration)

Smart Phone (for screen shots)


Required Materials

ACT Practice Test

Here is the ACT® Practice Test 

If you do NOT bring this file to class - you will not get as much out of the class.  Without this practice test, you will not be able to take home any of the practical exercises. IT WILL BE A WHOLE LOT EASIER FOR YOU TO JUST BRING THE REQUIRED PRINTOUTS.

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