Sponsor a Workshop – Make Money or Free Tuition at the Same Time

We are still working on this page - however just a brief preview.

You can sponsor a class in your city either in your home or at a venue that you can find.  Even if the venue charges a small amount we will work with you to get the venue paid.

There is a class minimum to go through with the class - and that minimum will depend on your geography.  i.e. if you live in Alaska, it will take a few more students to cover the expenses than if you live within driving distance of our teachers.

If you sponsor a class - you can get one or more of the following (depending on class size):

  • free tuition for your child/children
  • partial tuition
  • reduced tuition for all attendees
  • or cash payment for your help organizing and sponsoring the class.

Right now the details are being worked out - but if you are interested in sponsoring a class - contact Debbie for more details: