Cooper – Student

This course was great and amazing.  I recommend this course.  Course is much better than Kaplan!

Hannah – Student

I enjoyed learning new things about the test.  Everything was great!  I have never taken an ACT/SAT test before.  Now I feel confident that I can beat the test.

Melody – Student

This class was very well organized and easy to understand.  I feel more confident in my ability to take the test and improve my scores.  Definitely worth the 4 hours.

Anonymous Student

This workshop helped me realize it’s more about problem solving and less academics.  It gave me the tools and drive to beat the test.

Hannah – Student

I love this course!  It really gives me the information I need to get the scores I want.

Natalie – Parent

My son raised his SAT score 200 points and his ACT 5 points! Remarkable program! Now my daughter is going through it!

Amber – Parent

My daughter took the Foundations Class and the Beat the ACT class. Both were very helpful in preparing my daughter. She did improve her ACT score by 3 points and will keep practicing using the strategies Debbie taught her as she plans on taking it again. We highly recommend these courses and Debbie is an outstanding teacher.

Laura – Parent

Debbie is an amazing educator and trainer! She is well-prepared, patient, and clearly communicates effective test-taking strategies. Additionally, she coached my son as he prepared essays for admittance to a service academy and a full-ride scholarship. My daughter has taken her introductory Foundations class and found it extremely beneficial in preparing for the ACT/SAT. I highly recommend her and we will definitely use her services again!

Kelly – Parent

Debbie is a wealth of knowledge and real-life experience as she has already traveled the road to college with her three sons. Each of them ended up at their college of choice with very little out of pocket. Now my daughter is learning the tips and tricks that Debbie’s sons used to “Beat the SAT and ACT” exams. She feels more confident and less stressed about taking the SAT after attending Beat the SAT!

Matthew – Student

I’ve been nervous about how I could do any better on the SAT and this class helped me exponentially!

Ryan – Student

If you need a good tutor for the SAT, definitely use this one!

David – Student

I jumped from a 1420 to a 1560 on the SAT using only the online Foundations Course from My Road to College.

Jen – Parent

Hi Debbie! Wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help in preparing Cassie for SAT and ACT.  She has heard back from 2 of 5 colleges already.  She has been accepted to the honors colleges at both and has been offered $174K in scholarships from the 2 schools.  Could not have done it without you.

Shelley – Parent

My son took Debbie’s class after taking the PSAT.  He said it was super helpful and that we had been going about it all wrong, especially in regards to the reading section.  When we received his first SAT scores, his score had jumped 140 points from the PSAT.  He wanted to raise his reading score, so we did a one-on-one refresher with Debbie and using her tips and strategies, his score increased by 80 points!  We are so glad we found her!- Shelley

Mary – Parent

Just wanted to give a shout out to My Road to College. My daughter improved her SAT score more than she ever imagined she could. She went to the initial class in a group of 3-4 and then had a few private sessions with Debbie. She taught her how to beat the test and helped her find the confidence she needed. Worth the time, and was money well spent! Sooooo happy with her scores, we are done with SAT!