Paving your Road to College

My Road to College began as a dream to help others achieve what we have with our own kids—affordable College at some of the best schools in the nation.

As a professional educator for over 27 years, Debbie researched to find a program to help her own children prepare for college tests to earn college scholarships.  That research led her to a system developed by Dr. Kuni Michael Beasley.  His program was developed over 30 years ago and continues to help students to be prepared, packaged and positioned for College success and to have what it takes to compete for the best scholarships and top colleges in the country.

As a parent, she saw immediate results in own her children as they began to use the program.  She followed the program with great success.

With that success, she eventually joined Dr. Beasley’s staff to learn the ins and outs of the program.  She has worked closely with Dr. Beasley for 10 years.  And now, with his permission and blessing, she is venturing out to start this new model for delivering his strategies, tools and techniques to others.