Foundations Course

The FOUNDATIONS course provides the main building blocks that students will need to BEAT THE TESTS.  Because 85% of the test prep is common to both tests, students will learn the techniques and tactics that are common to both the ACT and SAT Tests. This class is a prerequisite to the BEAT THE TEST Courses for SAT and ACT, which specifically apply what the student learns here in the FOUNDATIONS course and applies it to the specific test.

We have 2 options for our FOUNDATIONS Course — On-Demand Video format OR 4-week live online web class that meets for an hour and a half each week.  

Key Elements

Course Walkthrough



7 Common Principles Introduction
MATH Bikini Rule
Seven Common Principles: Answers Given and POE
Math Practicum Samples



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Here are the ways to purchase the Foundations Course

Either Bundled or Standalone.


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