How to prepare your student for their first college test

Your student is about to take their first college test.

You know this is an important test because it could determine if they will get into the college of their dreams or earn needed scholarship money.  But you are not sure where to start.  So how should your student prepare for his or her first college test?

First, it depends on where they are in the process.

If you have a younger student, it would be great to get a baseline score before they begin to prep for their first college test.   But if you are in the fall of your senior year, you will not have time for such.

What’s on the test?

We recommend having your student view our free Orientation Course.   This course will give them valuable information such as, What is on it?  How long is the test?  I also recommend having them go through the College Board and ACT websites thoroughly to get a good understanding of the tests.

Next, you will want to have them do the right kind of prep!

Practicing the wrong way will not yield the results you are after.  So, make sure to get your student in a proven test prep course–one that will not reteach high school, but instead teaches them how to BEAT the Tests.  Then, have them put the skills they learn into practice!  Students won’t do better on the test if they don’t work at it.  You can download from the internet or purchase practice tests, but we recommend only using practice tests from the real sources.–real SAT and real ACT tests.

Students should not cram the week before the test!  Instead, they should use their time wisely to review the material and take a practice tests over several days.

The night before the test, they should make sure that they have all of their paperwork and materials for the test set out!  Students should eat healthy meals for dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday morning!  We also recommend getting up early the morning of the test so that their brain is fully awake when the test begins.

Finally, the test has arrived, and it is time for your student to practice what they have learned!

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